Robyn Asquini Design


Building the Fabric of Society

Proposal for aiding the underprivileged in Dhaka, Bangladesh by reusing waste textiles in traditional textile crafts. By Natalie Neumann and Robyn Asquini.

Our project aims to develop a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to support underprivileged women and children in Dhaka, Bangladesh, by reusing waste fabric to make traditional crafts. The waste textiles will be acquired by local rag-pickers or poor citizens, and through the donations of excess material from garment factories.

Our purpose is threefold: to provide a platform for recycling waste fabric, to empower the citizens of Dhaka through fair compensation, and to preserve traditional Bangladeshi textile crafts. The resulting products should be sold globally through our foundation to raise awareness about textile waste, fair compensation, and Bangladeshi culture.