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Resonance Consultancy Website

Resonance Consultancy

Website UX/UI Design

Bocas del Toro is a province of Panama comprising of a biodiverse rainforest, beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. A Viceroy Resort with overwater villas are set to open in 2020. The resort is also near the capital, Bocas Town, a central hub with restaurants, shops and nightlife. 

To inform prospective buyers and to capture their names and email addresses, we launched a full website. The site shows photographs of the property, renderings of the site plan and villas, and includes all the necessary information to purchase a villa. One of the challenges we faced when designing the site was how to best show buyers the locations and interiors of the property using our limited number of renderings. We solved this by creating several interactive maps, which clearly identified the location and interiors of each residence and amenity. 

Resonance Consultancy Website

Resonance Consultancy Website

UX/UI Design for Website Rebrand

Working as a Senior Designer for Resonance Consultancy, I was tasked with the challenge of redesigning the company website. 

Resonance existed previously as two separate websites: (the consultancy) and (the design agency). The main purpose of the new site was to combine both existing sites, showing prospective clients that Resonance has the tools to strategically execute all of their marketing needs.  

It was also important that the site function seamlessly on digital devices, since visitors were increasingly using their cell phones and tablets to access the site. This problem was solved by designing the web pages on a 12-column grid, where the boxes of content could easily readjust, depending on the size of the device. 

Keeping with the existing Resonance brand, which included the Didot and Helvetica typefaces and the green brand color, I aimed to design a clean and contemporary site that highlighted Resonance's portfolio of design work and allowed easy access to all research material and strategic content. 

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